10.02.10 ‘Fugitive’ releases official BTS photos

by kajima

On October 1st, Behind the Scenes photos for the upcoming third episode of the popular drama ‘Fugitive: Plan B’ were uploaded onto the official viewers’ open board for the show and has been receiving much interest.

The photos show the various actors of the cast, such as Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) and Daniel Henney, displaying their overflowing charisma as they pose for the camera and show their focused images, monitoring their scenes with the drama’s PD.

In particular, viewers who saw the picture of Daniel Henney left witty comments such as, “It would be nice if all the pilots in the world looked like Kai (Daniel Henney)”, “If I was together with him, I’d want to drive in an open-roof car under the strong sun on a hot summer’s day.”


Other netizens expressed, “Jiwoo’s (Jung Ji Hoon) action scene in episode 2 was really awesome. I’m anticipating the action scene between him and Dosoo in the 3rd episode too”, “Jung Ji Hoon always looks like he’s doing a photo shoot.”

After the successful kick off of ‘Fugitive’ this week as they received a whopping 20.7% viewer rating for the pilot episode, many are anticipating the action scenes in the third episode, scheduled to broadcast on Wednesday of next week.

Source Credit to allkpop


3 Comments to “10.02.10 ‘Fugitive’ releases official BTS photos”

  1. The first phot would be perfect as a desktop calendar..
    flip and add the dates on the bottom or boxed in the gray area..
    I need software *cryeyes

  2. Rain’s expressive eyes and lips. . . he could never go wrong. Dream man. . . sigh * ^ *

  3. man rain he EXTREMLY look real deal here his expression of the anger and yey mag righ at the sharp point to shot right at you is such a as versatile artis, Actor very excellent of him who would love this guy and work with rain the bottom line who ever say was an perfection they are complete miss something here he show all the and what i see he is truly a

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