10.01.10 [Info] WITHS2 Officially Subbing “The Fugitive: Plan B”

by jax625

GREAT NEWS! I know we tweeted about this earlier in the week, but to see it actually “pending” is super exciting! We will post the Eps just as soon as they are out! Thanks WITHS2 & thanks izhan for sharing this with the fans! ♥


“WITHS2 are officially subbing fugitive guys! Just checked out their Subtitle Status page and they have the first two episodes down on their list as pending!”


cap by izhan


4 Comments to “10.01.10 [Info] WITHS2 Officially Subbing “The Fugitive: Plan B””

  1. @jax
    thank u for sharing these great new i am happy to know they are sunbling fgood am wating to and thank for the post as soon it out HUG!!

  2. Great! I have never heard of WITHS2 before! I love that there is a place that just does subbing! Please let us know when it’s done…but I will watch there too!

  3. waaaaaaaaaa great news thank u sooooooo much 4 this happy news , and i am sooooooooo thankful to WITHS2 team they realy are making my dreams come true ^__^ i am already watching but with out i understand all the things hahah i cant wait to see it with subs ^^ . thank u WITHS2 fugitive domangaja fightinggggggg ^^

  4. Thank Jax!!!

    It takes longer for them to sub but it’s worth the wait because their subs are really good.

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