10.01.10 [10Asiae] New series “Fugitive” runs up to No. 1 spot on TV charts

by jax625

New KBS series “Fugitive: Plan B” and SBS drama “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” were neck and neck on the Wednesday and Thursday primetime lineup this week.

According to figures released by TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistics) on Friday, “Gumiho,” starring Lee Seung-gi and Shin Min-ah, made its exit on the primetime lineup as the most-watched show in the country with ratings of 18.6 percent on September 29 and 21.3 percent on its final episode.

KBS’ “Fugitive” came in second with ratings of 21.7 percent for its premiere episode but slipped by 4.4 percent last night.

Meanwhile, data released by AGB Nielsen Media Research revealed that the action comedy, starring Rain and Lee Na-young, was the No. 1 show in South Korea with ratings of 20.7 percent on Wednesday night and 17.9 percent the next day.

Following behind was “Gumiho” with ratings of 16.6 percent on September 29 and 19.9 percent on September 30. The romantic comedy has steadily brought in ratings in the high ten to low 20 percent mark since it first aired on August 11.

“The President,” starring Ko Hyun-jung and Kwon Sang-woo, will begin its run next week on SBS.

MBC’s “Naughty Kiss,” starring Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min, came in third while showing an increase in ratings during the final week of September.

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3 Comments to “10.01.10 [10Asiae] New series “Fugitive” runs up to No. 1 spot on TV charts”

  1. Jax can you tell me if Taka appear in 2nd episode >.< I can't catch her, she is a fugitive to my eyes xD

    • Vic, I am waiting for subtitles before I watch too many so I haven’t made it to the 2nd episode yet >.< Sorry I am not much help! You can watch the 2nd ep online though! We have the links here on the site, just find the episodes button at the top of the page ^^

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