09.30.10 [FanCam] Rain filming “The Fugitive: Plan B” in Manila hotel

by jax625

Rain CloudPh comment:

Since the scene already came out last night, we’re now releasing Hiroko Tokunaga’s super-secret mystery fancam

credit: cloudph


5 Comments to “09.30.10 [FanCam] Rain filming “The Fugitive: Plan B” in Manila hotel”

  1. Is that part of a shoot? Then why is Rain wary of his surroundings? Was he trying to avoid someone here? Maybe the fans? He’s so funny, always on the lookout, as if danger is lurking about. hahaha! !
    Thanks Hidden Hiroko. Love the video. You better not let Rain see this. haha! ! Just kidding.

  2. Now that I review the vdo, yes, this is a take. And my, my, my ! ! ! he’s so gorgeous here. He’s making me hmmmm… excited and thrilled to be with my husband tonight. ( Too bad, he’s not here, still in MX).

  3. no !! rain is actually shot this fliming when he looking for Lee Na young epi part 2 she left and look his computer and he looking for her i watch the drama last night and he he was so cute how he trun abck and fort and stress himself where is she ahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a good SUPERB i am watching again right now!!

  4. In this scene, several CPH members (including Hidden Hiroko) were the extras. 🙂

  5. @Pau:
    Really? Thanks for telling us. Now I’ll be on the lookout for them CPH. I’m so excited.

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