09.29.10 [Pics] Screencaps of ‘Fugitive: Plan B’

by jax625

credit: naver news

10 Comments to “09.29.10 [Pics] Screencaps of ‘Fugitive: Plan B’”

  1. Such an awesome preview! It was great and I can’t wait til tomorrows episode! Great job to all!

  2. I couldn’t understand all what was being said, but I laughed sooo hard during this scene. The look on Ji Woo’s face when “hot” women come into view is priceless.

  3. the gril he kiss her named is Lee dea ha she know rain as use to be part of rain 6to5 fashion concert and desinger is she pretty all the hot gril in this drama esp rain he so nagthy in this feist eopi it like his eye are catching all the gril he pass ekekek i am Laughthing the paer he look at Lee Na Young Leg and open his mouth and pass their nice OMG!! i belive rain is silly funny naghty and action in this drama i could not wait to see part 2 again ahahah it was good actually i like so far

  4. hahaha yup, the girl who kiss with rain is lee da hae..
    she’s also rain’s friend.. they both together in one event with president south korea, ahh i forget whats the name of that event..
    and her management is j.tune, right? 😉

  5. @melz
    yes they was at the have been appointed publicity ambassadors for the Presidential Committee on Green Growth 2008 togrether i glad she very a firend to rain and she speak good ENGLISH too she use to Jtune Camp with them now she She also took part in a global environmental campaign sponsored by Thailand’s public broadcaster and the city of Bangkok.

  6. Wasn’t that Lee Da Hae in a cameo role, the lady whom Rain made a marriage proposal at the restaurant? Surprisingly, she looks different. I’d say, more matured looking, nevertheless, still pretty.

  7. @kongsao

    oh you right, the event is Green Growth.. not in 2008 darl, but in 2009 🙂

    yeah i’m surprised lee da hae is cameo for episode 1, because nothing news about she will become cameo for Fugitive…

  8. @melz
    eheheheheh u right i actually figure 2009 actually i wrote 2009 then don”t know why it say 2008 anway i just suprised seeing her in this drama as well i love the drama too btw… nice knowing u and talking to u too hello dare!1 🙂

  9. yay!!!! i love the kiss part!!!! great job rain and da hae!!!!!

  10. @kongsao

    hehehehe 😀
    nice knowing & talking to you too 🙂

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