09.28.10 [EngTrans] “The Fugitive Plan B” teaser

by jax625


Are you sure to have your revenge?


Jinny (Lee Na Young) : They killed my grandparents, real parents, and my foster parents. An now they are trying to kill me.


Jinny : I can’t live like this any longer because someone has killed everyone in my family.


Actor A : I’ll ruin Gee Woo’s life. (Gee Woo is Rain’s character’s name in the drama)


Doo Soo (Lee Jung Jin) : This is ‘Doo Soo’ who works at the section of foreign of the Korean police headquarters. You (Gee Woo) are wanted by the police for murder.


Gee Woo (Rain) : OUCH! That jerk by the name of Do !


Jinny : Have you ever believed everything that someone has?

Gee Woo : My job is to doubt about everything.


Gee Woo : Let’s not deceive each other.

Jinny : That’s exactly what I want to say.


Gee Woo : You said you stopped loving.

Jinny : I never said “I won’t have a shower” to you.

Gee Woo : Everyone says shower before love is considered a “rite of passage”


Jinny : Can this be a loving relationship?


Gee Woo : I think someone is following behind us.

Jinny : Who?

Gee Woo : I guess I misheard?


Jinny : If you keep doing like that, you’ll be killed by me.


Gee Woo : I’ve come to your rescue. Let’s wash our hands from this situation.


Jinny : You’re blocking my view !

Gee Woo : Don’t talk back and do as you’re told!

Jinny : Take your buttock off me!


Gee Woo : Why’re you here?


Jinny : I will just have to take things as they come. right?

Gee Woo : Of course.

Jinny : Tell me another!

Gee Woo : We only need to ask to be excused.

(His voice is indistinct because of the background music, so it may not be a proper translation : rain bird)

credit to S1planB http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udf5UK3Mnz0

Brief translation by rain bird.


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