09.28.10 [EngTrans] “The Fugitive Plan B” Press Conf. in Seoul – KBS Vivid Informed

by jax625


“The Fugitive Plan B” rewrites Korea’s history of drama.

Drama “The Fugitive Plan B” that has finally been unveiled.


A production report conference of “The Fugitive Plan B” without doubt 2010’s most anticipated drama was held in Seoul.


Becoming a cat-and-mouse game to find the gold bullion that disappeared on the Korean War, comic action drama “The Fugitive Plan B” features a sensuous image and a story which is flawless in structure and story, which attracts attention.


Photo time before the press conference.

When Rain and ‘Lee Jung Jin’ were asked to pose for photos with Daniel Henney, the two didn’t want to stand next to Daniel Henney because Daniel Henney is so handsome.


The main points to ponder in this drama are as follows :

First : The drama boasts all-star-studded cast.


World star Rain who has returned with glory in 5 years, plays the main character, a private detective named ‘Gee Woo’.


‘Lee Na Young’ who has made her comeback on the drama in 6 years, plays a character named Jinny whose feelings are hurt.


‘Lee Jung Jin’ plays a character named ‘Doo Soo’ who works at the section of foreign of the Korean police headquarters.

In addition, a lot of Korean top stars such as ‘Daniel Henney’, ‘Yun Son Ha’, ‘Sung Dong Il’, ‘Gong Hyung Jin’, etc., appear in the drama.


This is the first time ‘Lee Na Young’ has attempted to play an action scene.

She has tried to shake off the image of purity and innocence.


‘Lee Na Young’ : I’ve wanted to perform such action scenes. I’m still not used to this work because it’s my first time, so I just feel that other action stars are avoiding me.(laughing)


Second : This drama shows the first class action & it is on a scale that is just as grand.


All members of the cast have given themselves fully to their own roles.

Blockbuster action scenes have been shot on location in Asia’s 7 cities.

It includes many breathtaking action scenes and compulsive viewing not seen on TV before.


Rain : I play an intense cat-and-mouse scene with ‘Lee Jung Jin’ in the drama, so I have to keep running a lot.


Lee Jung Jin : At first, I had to shoot more running scenes than speaking scenes. It was probably me who saw his back most often throughout the year.


The unusual aspect of this drama is that there are dynamic road chase scenes between Rain and ‘Lee Jung Jin’, so the two have probably got along better.


Rain : ‘Lee Jung Jin’ and I are in love with each other (laughing)


Third : A love triangle.


Rain and ‘Lee Na Young’ pleasantly squabble over nothing every time they meet, while ‘Lee Na Young’ and ‘Daniel Henney’ do love each other pathetically.


Q : Who would you choose as your potential mate between ‘Daniel Henney’ and Rain?

Lee Na Young : I think it is something many female viewers will lose sleep over.

(Couldn’t I choose both of them?) – the caption.


‘The Fugitive Plan B’, the most comic action packed drama you have ever seen that will hit the year 2010, is to be on the air every Wednesday and Thursday.

Male MC : Who would you choose between ‘Daniel Henney’ and Rain?

Female MC : I’ll choose Rain because I like a good dancer.

Male MC : Please stretch your imagination in your dream alone.(laughing)

Brief translation by rain bird.

Credit: DC // Up ratoka@youtube


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