09.27.10 Fugitive PlanB Press Conference at Lotte Hotel *200+*

by kajima

Today Fugitive PlanB Press Conference  held on 11.00 am. at Lotte Hotel Crystal Ballroom.


6 Responses to “09.27.10 Fugitive PlanB Press Conference at Lotte Hotel *200+*”

  1. wowowowo they look so gergous an rain so STUNNING in that look of him i never see his look glory LJJ u are so handsome today Daneil gosh i wanted to se u cloes but ofcurse i wanted to hug my man rain ekekekek

    • haha…Kongsao! me too .i want to hug my man Lee Jung Jin .

      Can you watch this drama online on Wednesday or not?

      • haha…Kongsao! me too .
        yup we both love our man right is they very lovely here so very handsome just wanted to streach my hand and hug it tight and won”t let goes ekekekek :P)
        about the drama ?/ actually i have KBS TV 1 & 2 so i very hope i get to see this i am crossing tomorrow i well sleep early and wake up a 5pm at korean time and watch FUGITIVE popbuly just going to show 1hrs or so…. why dare can u download and share to if u can we all wanted to watch in youtube as well please if u do thank for asking !!

  2. whoa! the 3 men are gorgeous!!! You’ll run out of adjectives to describe these 3…sum it up …GORGEOUS!

  3. kajima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much for posting ALL 200+ of these photos!!!! <333

    what a great suprise to wake up to ^^


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