09.22.10 More Pics Fugitive ‘PlanB’ Press @ Manila

by kajima

**this news article is from 09.09.10 **

Credit to  Agent P’s Headquarters & Cloud Philippines .



2 Comments to “09.22.10 More Pics Fugitive ‘PlanB’ Press @ Manila”

  1. Is it just me or what? Why does Rain look like a poor lost kid in his solo pix. He looks so worn out and tired in his presscon. Maybe he’s really tired. If you’re not used to the hot humid weather in the Philippines, it could really get to you. It makes you sick and tired, it does that to me. You just come out of the shower and you’re already sweating. You really need an electric fan directed at you when you take a shower. Lol. Imagine Rain and what he’s been going through during the shoot and the concert. I hope he didn’t get sick when he got home.

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