09.22.10 [PhotoFun] FUGITIVE Fill-ins #2

by jax625

We are loooong over due for our next round of “Fugitive Fill-ins”!

  • This weeks photo:

  • How to play:

All you have to do is save the photo below to your own computer and use a photo editing program to type in whatever you’d like in the speech bubbles. You don’t need anything too fancy, even PAINT has this option or if you’d like to edit it right online, I’d recommend picnik.com, or photobucket.com. Please use .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .png formats for your photos, thanks!

When you are done adding your text, then email the photo back to us at fugitive625@live.com, or you can even post them in the comment section of this post. We will post your submissions next week…so stay tuned!

**please note: you are welcomed to use another photo for the fill-ins if you’d like, we will add them to the submissions next week as well ^^

Here is a submission that was sent to us just yesterday from our last “Fugitive Fill-in“, thanks so much Debbie!

~as always, please be respectful to the actor(s) & the visitors to the blog, if we get a submission that we think is distasteful, we will not post it.


5 Responses to “09.22.10 [PhotoFun] FUGITIVE Fill-ins #2”

  1. Halo JAX))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    sorry to leave comment at this post hehe..

    i no idea about this pic now.

    JAX!!!!!!!! Can you check at KBS site about our regist now.

    sorry dear! tonight Yahoo mail cann’t access anything just read only.

    and my internet system is very bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    because of Rain haha heavy rain.

    i will send more email to you again.million thanks to my husband’s friend haha JAX!!!

    and new fugitive clip i can’t open dashboard please post new article for our site Jax!

  2. JAX!! fi you want to keep secret please delete my comment above hehe!

    i’m so excited.so sad i can’t open KBS site now.

    Good night Jax!!!!!!

  3. HAHAHA, Kajima, you are so funny ^^ Oh, was the post made on the KBS site already? @.@ I cannot view since I am not a member >.< *sniffle* Thanks so much to you and your friend, xoxo's! You will have to send me more details in email once you can log in ^o^ Please be safe during these heavy rain's!

    I posted the clip, thanks so much for that too :*)


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