09.21.10 [StarNews]”The Fugitive: Plan B” starring Rain receives huge attention from throughout Asia even before it begins broadcasting

by jax625

The Fugitive: Plan B” starring Ran (his real name Jung Ji Hoon), KBS 2TV’s new drama to be aired every Wednesday and Thursday, whose first episode will be aired on September 29th, is receiving huge attention from throughout Asia, including Chinese speaking countries and Southeast Asia like Philippines, etc.

The Philippines where the drama shoot has recently been finished on location, have greater expectations of the drama than ever even before it begins broadcasting.

‘Philippine Daily Inquirer’ and ‘Manila Bulletin’, the Philippines’ leading newspapers, reported about ‘the Fugitive Plan B’ on location in that country and its press conference last 9th, with the great expectation.

Last 18th, ‘Philippine Daily Inquirer’ released an article titled, “Rain, at last”, and introduced the drama and its press conference in that country.

This newspaper quoted Rain as saying, “This is my first drama filmed in the Philippines. You can imagine anything.” Following, it introduced his hollywood movies, Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin, and reported that ‘Lee Na Young, Lee Junng Jin, Yun Jin Seo, Daniel Henney, etc would appear in the drama. Also, it expectantly reported that Daniel Henney had appeared in hollywood movie ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘.

‘Manila Bulletin’ also expressed their interest in the drama, introducing the cast for the drama, including Rain, in its internet edition last 13th.

The drama contract has not yet been completed, it will be aired on TV5, one of the Philippines’ public TV networks, under the title of Runaway.

Before this, ‘the Fugitive Plan B’ production held a press conference with reporters from Chinese speaking countries in Macau last August 24th where many media flocked into the press conference, which shows the great interest in the drama and Rain.

China’s newspaper 騰訊娛樂 reported, “The place was swarming with reporters, all in a great frenzy to get the story. One of the reasons why this drama receives much attention is of course because of Rain’s appearance on it.”

“The Fugitive: Plan B” that has been shot on location in Asian countries, such as Japan’s Tokyo and Osaka, China’s Beijing and Shanghai and Macau, etc. with the all-star cast from Asia including Korea in attendance, has attracted a lot of attention.

The director, ‘Kowak Jung-Howan’, has recently expressed, “We don’t fit ‘Runaway’ only under the rule of Korean drama. We do regard this drama as an Asian project.” “It is not to be exported abroad due to its high ratings, but challenge to found out how much of Korean drama’s capabilities are represented in Asia.”

Everyone is much interested in whether “The Fugitive: Plan B” will be a big hit in Asia beyond the previous Hanryu dramas.

source: Money Today’s Star news http://news.naver.com/main/read. … &aid=0002048555

brief translation by rainbird


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