09.21.10 [Pics] Rain with a ‘Plan B’ staff member

by jax625

credit: DC Gallary


11 Comments to “09.21.10 [Pics] Rain with a ‘Plan B’ staff member”

  1. Lucky female staff…if Rain posed like that with me (in the first picture), I’d totally lose it…@_@

  2. Hahahahaha…she’s totally like, “Eat your hearts out, ladies! You WISH you was me!” I love it!!!! LOL

  3. What the????? That’s not fair!!! She’s way too lucky!!! I’m jealous lol

  4. OMG how lucky she is!! especially 1st pic 😦

  5. lOOK ALL
    the first pict yes it a staff alright!!
    but, let me tell u all something that was just a photoshopped the background is diiferent but the same place they are at so someone their must playing around with this pict here so i don”t think this a real realationship ot anything btw these two have u see rain firt around with all his staff i mean female it quite nornally i see it all the time and 1 pict just photoshopped periods look at very good how come u all could tell this ???
    the 2 pict the one is not phototshopped it real they did took the pict together it his staff ofcurse they can took pict anybody that rain he popluar and star who woulds and btw… they are well warm together all his staff …

    • kongsao, that’s NOT photoshopped, that’s really for real. it’s just the position of the computer in the back that makes it look that way..also, rains hand is on her shoulder.

  6. ummm…that looks photoshop….someone who is really skilled in photoshop did that picture. I’ve seen photoshop work at this skill level by a papparazi before. they can even make it look like your holdings hands if the photoshopper has enough skills.


    I really don’t know what the big fuss is about @.@

    Here is a blown up version for those who are still in disbelief. I have been using photoshop and have been doing photo editing for over 10 years, I can tell a fake when I see one, and this isn’t. Also, I am sure this girl has better things to do then photoshop herself into a pic with Rain when she is perfectly capable of getting a picture with him at anytime. I have also seen elsewhere that someone said that she might have slipped in and got this photo while he was “napping” ….seriously? *sigh*

    I am closing the comments for the rest of this post before things get ugly as I have seen it getting elsewhere.

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