09.21.10 [New] Rain photo from ‘Plan B’

by jax625

On Tuesday 21st September 2010, @moonbeards said:



photo credit RYAN MOON (moonbeards@twitter)


5 Comments to “09.21.10 [New] Rain photo from ‘Plan B’”

  1. he looks great!!

    handsome as always ^^

  2. I really love all Ryan Moon Photos of Ji Hoon….

  3. i agree about Ran & Ryan Moon! he always takes the greatest pics! 감사합니다. ♥♥♥

  4. yes me too i differenly agree Ryan took the great best pict ever him and beag-ka as well good team for rain what a backup person love them all and rain pict the most handsomer i ever see in his black suit look at dective JI_WOO hey handsome getting hungry here and i see you got a cool drink look good my love where u going today?

  5. What can I say that you guys do not know about Rain. Unaninimously we all agree that he is just about the best looking, best dresser, sexy, charming and gentle looking Korean artist that we love the most. I rest my case.

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