09.21.10 [FanCam] Rain & Lee Na Young @ Manila Hotel

by jax625

Credit: Cam by maumu // ktkzy1401 @ youtube


5 Comments to “09.21.10 [FanCam] Rain & Lee Na Young @ Manila Hotel”

  1. @jax
    hey dare i am so sorry if i offense your about the photoshopped and i aplozided to what i say i did mean to threw a fit on anybody including u too so sorry and yes sent u are a photoshopped why did u told me before i would just ask u for this but oppsi i did mean to make not body miss confus please don”t get mad at me and i think u right she could just took a pict with him while he sleeping no worries once again know i know u r next i well as u then ok dare !!

  2. jax
    where is the fancam i did see it post here???

  3. thanks yukino! i didn’t even notice @.@ shame on me! there was a problem with my code >.< thanks again!

  4. I love Manila Hotel. I had breakfast there once; also attended a wedding reception of a relative and it was grand. Imagine if you were there and you happen to see a handsome and very famous Korean entertainer at your viewing pleasure, that must be a sight to behold. Sigh ! ! !

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