09.21.10 [BntNews] Lee Jung Jin hurried to come to Philippines for “Fugitive”

by jax625

**this news article is from 09.12.10

Actor Lee Jeong-jin packed up and hurried to come to the Philippines for the film “fugitive” together with the singer/dancer/actor RAIN.

In the past five days,the film “fugitive” was set in the philippines, It was said that the film was done in Cebu.The Schedule for Lee Jeong-jin was a little hectic because the shooting was scheduled abroad and ended up waiting for the last flight to go to the Philippines.

The shoot for the drama was in a hurry to let Jeong-Jin leave korea and his promotion schedule of his movie.
September 7 was the set schedule for the premiere of the movie “The fixer” where a presscon was also held he was not even in his country for the theater open of his movie.

Lee Jung-jin turns the villain in this highly anticipated film ‘fixer’ that was in theaters last September 9.

In additional,Maybe the people in the Philippines didn’t notice Lee Jeong-jin’s(Star in the series Love story in harvard and 9 end 2) presence since the fans was all focus to the superstar “RAIN”.

Today was the concert of Rain together with u-kiss and a special guest Christian Bautista.

credit: BNT News

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2 Comments to “09.21.10 [BntNews] Lee Jung Jin hurried to come to Philippines for “Fugitive””

  1. ahahaha i fell sad for LJJ but hey don”t worrie i have u in mind yet i think u handsome and very good actor afterall this hetic shceduel u have and this upcoming flim RUNWAY FUGITIVE comming out on 29th they should be more inspire u alot attetion so i belive it a move on and the popluar of this flim well be high rating tooo i hope so!!

  2. even if Lee Jung Jin look tired and exhausted but still he look so handsome and super hot.

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