09.20.10 [Pic] Rain with his ‘Plan B’ stunt double

by jax625

credit: DC Gallary


5 Comments to “09.20.10 [Pic] Rain with his ‘Plan B’ stunt double”

  1. Love your pimple, Ji-hoon…

  2. Is this the same Nam-young that we know? Somehow he looks different here…@_@

  3. is this Nam Young? 0_0 his dancer? I dont think so..

  4. that killer s,ile uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh he look so good in his white shirt here yup love his pimple too that was very breath taking of rain ahahah :P)

  5. nah i think namyoung looks a tad bit different. ^^

    – i wanna see the stunts!

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