09.20.10 [News] Oh Ji Ho cameos for Runaway!

by jax625

What could possibly make this drama any hotter????

OH JI HO!!!!!!!

ok, now that I have contained my excitement, here is the news….

The KBS drama Chuno shot Oh Ji-ho to the greatest success of his career to date, so now he’s returning the favor to the writer and director by making a cameo appearance in their follow-up series, Runaway (Plan B). Eee, will there be enough room onscreen for the pretty?? (And I’m not just talking about Lee Na-young here — Oh will have to contend for our attention with Rain, Daniel Henney, and Lee Jung-jin. Phew, Christmas came early. Thank Santa!)

In Runaway, Oh will play the childhood buddy to Rain’s character Ji-woo. As such, Ji-woo has no choice but to take on the case involving his old friend, thereby kicking off the series.

Oh said, “I’m particularly looking forward to this drama because it’s being done by director Kwak Jung-hwan and writer Chun Sung-il, and I’m thrilled to be part of it with this cameo. It’s too bad that my schedule won’t permit it because I’d love to appear more.”

Oh is currently filming the creature feature Sector 7 and the KBS variety program Invincible Baseball Team. He’ll also head to Tokyo on September 27 for Chuno promotions.

source: Yonhap News, dramabeans

~ on a side note…Oh Ji Ho starred in the adorable drama
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung & Chuno with Fugitive’s Sung Dong Il! So this will be another great reunion for them ^^

3 Comments to “09.20.10 [News] Oh Ji Ho cameos for Runaway!”

  1. Are they gonna be short of good looking guys?

  2. *FAINT* from the hotness that abounds in this kdrama! Even if it is just a cameo…LOL.

  3. OMG!!!
    this is very droping more bom to this drama not to mention all 3 guy already but add one more hotness guy like Oh Ji Ho differenly a smak over heat in these drama it like ever part u see all thoes trun on you ahahhaa man i about to overdoes here to many possiable man in here oh gosh !! :P)
    for sure it gooing to best ever this drama get keep more better and better the bounceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is perfect!!

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