09.17.10 [OT] Open Thread #1

by jax625

This is our very first “Open Thread” here at Fugitive625 and hopefully not our last ^^

An open thread is basically an open discussion not necessarily related to the subject(s) of the blog…it’s what a lot of forums have as an “Off Topic”. We thought it might be a fun way to get to know the visitors of the blog better . If all goes well, a new thread will be opened every week.

**Please note: the regular blog rules apply, the number one rule being RESPECT. So please play nice!


14 Responses to “09.17.10 [OT] Open Thread #1”

  1. I will go first!!!

    What is everyone watching right now??? I am currently watching Mischievous Kiss /Playful Kiss starring Kim Hyun Joong ♥

    -it’s only on ep 6. which thanks to Viikii I have been able to watch…but why did I choose a drama that was still airing >.< aish…the suspense every week is killing me @.@ This is a very cute drama and the lead actress is really likable as well. On a side note…one of the actors in this drama was in 9 ends 2 outs with our LJJ!

    • Hi Jax! I’m currently watching Playful Kiss and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I have NEVER EVER laughed so hard watching a kdrama as I’ve had watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. And I’m so glad that actress that played Mo Ne in Bad Boy is more enjoyable in Playful Kiss as Ha Ni.

      • Oh yay, someone to watch Playful Kiss with…we must talk about this show,lol. I was so suprised at how it was getting low ratings since I thought it was so fun…but looks like the ratings are up again, yay! I love the lead actress although I have not seen Bad Boy drama…maybe I shouldn’t since I have good impression of her currently,lol. I haven’t seen the anime or the Taiwanese version of this drama, so I am looking fwd to seeing how things turn out. Only 16 episodes though >.<

        I saw a few minutes of "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" but didn't know if i'd like this kind of drama, but since you give it good reviews, I might try it again sometime ^^ Is the the same guy as Shining Inheritance???? I haven't watched this drama either although i saw a few mins of it also. Have you seen Oh My Lady?

        ~I am off to watch Playful Kiss episode 7 on Viikii ^^

  2. Hey Jax !

    sorry who is ” one of the actors in this drama was in 9 ends 2 outs with our LJJ! ” ?

  3. that look so cute hey jax can u give this linki wanted to watch it
    please respond back thank

  4. sure kongsao, here it is> http://www.hulu.com/playful-kiss?c=Drama

    also, to see the episodes 5 and 6, go here > http://www.hulu.com/playful-kiss?c=Drama but I would watch the most of it on hulu since it’s not in parts and it’s really nice quality ^^ I hope you like it kongsao…i think u will!

  5. Ooh….looks like someone has been doing more homework and figuring out a way to make this site even more enticing (like it isn’t already…)…hehe….

    Seriously, this is an awesome idea Jax! ^ ^

    As for Korean dramas, I’m still having ‘issues’ trying to continue with 9 Ends 2 Outs. I need help, oh, and possibly time. o_O

    • hehe, thanks Deb…I totally stole this idea from Dramabeans! So I figured it was only right to start off the first open topic as dramas. hehe. But really, anyone can talk about anything ^^
      Have a great weekend…hopefully you get some rest in there somewhere! xoxo

  6. Me watching playful kiss but I thought this was to talk about fugitive …My wrong landing.. Sorry.

  7. Hi Heh…yes this is fugitive site but also, this thread here is our off topic section to talk about whatever we want ^^


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