09.16.10 [Pics] Rain helps out “Plan B” staff on set

by jax625

Rain helping style Lee Jung Jin's hair on "Plan B" set

Rain giving "Plan B" staff member a hand massage on set in Manila

credit: rainjtunecamp@twitter//呀彤@rainhk


5 Comments to “09.16.10 [Pics] Rain helps out “Plan B” staff on set”

  1. wish that was my hand…

  2. Rain is just too cute for doing “mundane” things like being a hair stylist asst. & massage therapist. LOL ^_^

  3. i see rain took a pict pf LJJ and massage their staff hand he so incare person and help other while he free and break himself to help other love this to heart and i know why he so specail not just his hardworker but who also love to do a extra mile too THANK U RAIN for giveing such a good amazing drama of this 2010 am looking forward to good news on this one ajaj aja fighting 🙂

  4. The Ji Hoon I know at work hehehe…massage therapist? Can I be that girl just for a moment please?…A hairstylist? Can i be Le Jung Jin too? hahaha

    Ji Hoon is the type of person that is distant and aloof to strangers, but once you get to know him better, he will be the loyal friend who will stay and stand by you…a total spoiler, they’ll love you to death and pamper you with so much care that you never knew of and experienced before…. I knew and lived with those kind of persons, like my brothers and my husband hehehe…

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