09.16.10 [News] Online sites react to new “Comical” Poster for Fugitive

by jax625

Here is the latest compilation of online articles with their thoughts on the new Poster released for “The Fugitive (Runaway): Plan B”.

[BNT News/ DramaBeans] Better (and funnier) posters for Runaway

We’ve been hearing that KBS’s new action drama Runaway (Plan B) is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but hadn’t seen any indication to that effect. Finally we get a glimpse at the lighter side with these two new posters, and while I still don’t know how the wild-treasure-hunt-through-Asia storyline will play out as comedic, I’m not skeptical that it can be done.

I also think this is a welcome angle, because we’re going to be getting a lot of action dramas in the near future and they were all starting to blur in my mind. I’m hoping Runaway will establish itself with a fresh, distinct voice and humorous tone.

We’re now only a couple weeks from the premiere: Runaway airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning September 29. That means its competition will be in two very different genres: MBC’s got the low-key romantic-comedy youth drama Playful Kiss, while SBS will be premiering their long-awaited melo-political-thriller-drama Daemul.

source: BNT News + dramabeans

[allkpop] Comical version of “Fugitive” poster released

The second poster for “Fugitive” has been released, and it seems the plot won’t be all serious, as the actors are shown in smiles and various comical poses. The wildly anticipated drama was revealed to not only be an action thriller, but also to have elements of a romantic comedy as well.

The main writer and director, who also collaborated on the hit drama “Chuno”, stated that actors Jung Ji Hoon, Lee Na Young, and Lee Jung Jin will be the action and drama for the series, while Sung Dongeen and Gong Hyun Jin will provide comic relief.

Readers can look forward to the first episode on September 29th.

source: allkpop


One Comment to “09.16.10 [News] Online sites react to new “Comical” Poster for Fugitive”

  1. sound good to me and i belive it well be an amazing drama to watch too i sure this well be another furfil drama of rain sent 5 years have no drama for but man afterall catch up i found it so intersting and very excited to the poit of these how serious action this can get, how much comedy this well be and how much raomantic btw rain & Daneil tiweet love goes what more is the man chacracter of rain who play resolved the muder cast and involted in this ahahah that so intersting more……

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