09.16.10 [EngTrans] Pan-Asian drama “The Fugitive Plan B” Teaser

by jax625

KBS 2TV 후속 미니시리즈 ‘도망자’ 번외편 예고 2편
이른바 ‘묻지마 예고’
많이 도망다녔다는 것 강조…

The extra special teaser # 2 (It’s the third teaser overall) for “The Fugitive Plan B” that is a follow-up to KBS 2TV mini series drama. This teaser is a “Stop asking questions” as they speak, emphasizing the many escapes.

— “The Fugitive Plan B” extra special teaser # 3 —

Filmed in Asia’s 7 cities, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, and Manila.

“This is “Ji Woo” who is Asia’s most famous private detective.” (Rain’s voice)

It took 73 days of filming for this drama in advance : 17days in Tokyo, 9 days in Osaka, 2 days in Beijing, 7 days in Shanghai, 14 days in Macau, and 13 days in Manila.

The total number of the production crew attending the filming of this drama is 4,214..

: The number of the cast abroad and the production staffs is 3,201 and 1,013, respectively.

“The Fugitive Plan B”, 2010’s Pan-Asian project, scheduled for broadcast on KBS 2TV every Wednesday and Thursday, crosses the boundaries of the province of Korean dramas.

Brief transaltion by rain bird.


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