09.16.10 [Clip] Teaser #4 is out for The Fugitive: Plan B!

by jax625

**UPDATED w/ Eng Trans**

티저2탄. 믿어야 될 사람이니까
credit to 플랜B929
2010-09- 17 // 10:19:48

죽어도 좋은 사람으로 왜 나를 선택했을까

너는 죽으면 안돼. 내가 사랑하니까.

나 당분간 누구 좋아하고, 사랑하고… 그런 거 못한다.

오빠가 나 때문에 죽는 일 없게 만들게요..

– Because he is trustworthy-

Why have I been chosen as the one who deserves death?

You should not die because I love you.

I can’t do such a thing like loving and liking someone for a while.

I wouldn’t let them throw oppa (my love) to the lions because of me.

credit to 플랜B929 (PlanB929) , DC
Brief translation by rain bird.
source: fugitive625@youtube


6 Responses to “09.16.10 [Clip] Teaser #4 is out for The Fugitive: Plan B!”

  1. oh my, the best last 8 seconds i have ever seen!hahahah LOL cant wait for this drama! ^^

  2. I can’t help myself from watching the teaser over and over again…esp the last part hahahaha…Oh lala

    • Me either…LOL. I wonder how much of a hurry Rain’s character had to be in for him not to wear chones (underwear). Good golly, Ms. Molly! ^_^

  3. OH gosh i am crazy for the nighmear comming soon ahahah the body at the chest open gosh i am so SWoon * ::O) :P) into this dram i migh SCREAM to top my loungue before i se it good nessssd <<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333333333


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