09.16.10 [Asia Economy] Rain starts shooting the drama straight away upon arrival in Korea

by jax625

Singer and actor Rain who arrived in Seoul on the 15th landing at Incheon International Airport, is to start shooting ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ in Korea immediately.

An official from the drama production told Asia Economy’s Sports Today in a telephone on the 15th, “Rain entered Korea on the morning of the 15th with the cast for the drama, ‘Lee Na Young’, ‘Lee Jung Jin’, ‘Yun Jin Seo’, etc.” and “All the shootings of the drama on location abroad have been completed, and the shooting will begin in earnest in Korea.”

Continuing, “The shooting was progressing nicely, and the cameras are to roll as soon as the remainder of the crew gets back.”

This official added, “Although there was a lot of worry over the hostage situation in the Philippines last month, we had no difficulty in shooting the drama.”

One of Rain’s close associates, meanwhile, hinted, “It is true that the security conditions are not good due to the situation. In my private opinion, I think I could stay no longer in such a place.”

credit to Asia Economy’s Sports Today http://news.nate.com/view/20100915n16090

Brief translation by rain bird.


One Comment to “09.16.10 [Asia Economy] Rain starts shooting the drama straight away upon arrival in Korea”

  1. Comments like this from one of Rain’s close associates really makes me sad. How I wish they are not so quick to judge, but people everywhere are entitled to their own judgments and opinions. Still, I wish you well.
    I hope the drama will be a blockbuster all-over Asia.

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