09.15.10 [Fanmade MV.] Rain & Lee Jung Jin ^ ^

by kajima


** JUST  FOR  FUN ..**



10 Comments to “09.15.10 [Fanmade MV.] Rain & Lee Jung Jin ^ ^”

  1. For You Jax and everyone. ^ ^

    Hope you’ll ENJOY !!!

  2. @kaijma
    ahahahha honey love these two together that cute one fanmade i like thank for sharing how could forget this rain & LJJ make such a good coiple firendship
    hey when ever they have an envation card please invite me soon eekekekek 🙂
    that the DEAL???

  3. @kajima
    hey mind i hope u love it

  4. Oh my gosh….this clip is hilarious!!!! Great job Kajima and thanks for spreading this funny around, hehe….

  5. haha, i love it!!!! thanks so much for making this and sharing Kajima!!!!! <333

  6. hahahaha love it! thanks kajima….I’m laughing so hard here and with the background music??? hilarious!


    @ Kongsao,

    Your MV.making is really Nice.LOL.

    Can i upload your MV.for sharing on my daum,yahoo,youku Blog. ?

  8. @kajima
    u wanted to uploading yes sure i would mind it !!!
    goes ahead and uploading and sharing to them i glad u like it :P)

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