09.14.10 [Tweet] The Fugitive : Plan B’ staff’s post on Twitter

by jax625

“Rain’s legendary stunts command the admiration of our team”
(english below)

응원에 항상감사하고있습니다 열심히 촬영해도 봐주시지않으면 의미가 없으니깐요

내일은 지우가 해외마지막촬영입니다 바쁜하루가 될것같네요 밀린 지우분량이 꽤되서요 ^^


오히려 저희가 지우에게 고맙게생각하는부분이 많습니다

워낙 센스있고 다양한 아이디어와 표정으로 늘 다양함을 보여주서

상당히 기대도 많이하고있고요 특히나 댄스가수? 라서인지모르지만

액션 촬영은 가히 스바라시 혼또니 스고이 하게 보여줌에

다들 놀라고 놀라워 하고있습니다


We always appreciate your support of “The Fugitive : Plan B”

No matter how hard we try to shoot the drama, our hard work seems empty if you don’t care about us…

Tomorrow is the last day when ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) will finish shooting his scene.

He’ll have a busy day because ‘Ji Woo’ is quite behind in his work to shoot his scene..

Thank you..

We guess we should thank ‘Ji Woo’ so much…

He’s really shown many different sides of himself, so we pretty much expect him.

Perhaps the reason is because he is a dancing singer in particular, but his legendary stunts command the admiration of our team.

Re-post by http://gall.dcinside.com/list.ph … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.


3 Comments to “09.14.10 [Tweet] The Fugitive : Plan B’ staff’s post on Twitter”

  1. So Rain’s last day of shooting is tomorrow. I’ll miss you, Ji-hoon. I’m going to sleep…really not feeling well.

  2. Everything that he does, he excels in it…that’s what i like about him, when he works or do something no matter how big or small, he gives his all….

  3. such a hardworder man ever u alay give all your at your best 110% rain 😎
    the hardworker u are the imspiration u recived from republic that they not just know who rain is just a world but who inteligent of his talen to show to this world of all his beneat the treat from them alway inspre threw his heart rain very give his outstanding work that why i see achievement from him all full sucess

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