09.14.10 [Pic] Rain & Lee Jung Jin ” S1. PlanB “

by kajima

** OMG!!!!  So Funny***


9 Comments to “09.14.10 [Pic] Rain & Lee Jung Jin ” S1. PlanB “”

  1. AHAHAHA !!!! I Love Rain & Lee Jung Jin!!!


  2. OMO these guys are hilarious….seem to become BFF

  3. I just wanted to take a peak. Calling in an early night…feeling feverish. When I saw this…LOL…I felt a littlle better. Rain looks like a 7 year old boy with his best friend sitting on his lap…really cute, Ji-hoon. So Rain is still in Manila…the irony of it all is I maybe going to Manila next week when he is not already there. I’m feeling more sick. Good Night, Ji-hoon.

  4. Oh My God! This two really are so funny!!!! They just made my day!!! I can’t stop laughing hahahaha…. Look at Rain he’s just like a kid playing with his hyung hahaha

  5. @ vanessaly , pluie625

    haha..i agree with you !

  6. ahahahah my sweet man very have such a good fun time together here now that is so funny they just like
    a boy next door asking hey let doing something fun today am bord afterall we been filming so took a break and let me LJJ let me be the one doing the game this time ahahhahaha rain just let LJJ on his lap ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh how i wish i could be the one on rain lJJ & Rain very become cloes i very love this 2 alot go guy show more love yall 🙂

  7. @pluie

    agree wit u..haha, look rain’s face like kid with pure face and playing with his hyung…
    hahahahaha so funny! 😀

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