09.13.10 [Pic] Rain filming “Runaway Plan B”

by jax625

credit: rainstorm


2 Comments to “09.13.10 [Pic] Rain filming “Runaway Plan B””

  1. I usually visit the site at night, but for the first time today I was sneaking from time to time, from about 8’oclock in the morning trying to see if Rain is still here in the Philippines. At about 7 o’clock tonight, I don’t know but, I was feeling kind of uneasy. I thought he might have already left, but he’s still here shooting somewhere in Manila…feeling sad…don’t want Ji-hoon to leave…can’t sleep…

  2. ahahah tjrachel
    don”t worry he ok he well be fine my firend rain have to goes back to korean their other thing he have to do too and he even mention trhat he miss his hometown he bee fine

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