09.12.10 [Info] ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ DVD Set + Pics

by jax625

source: DC Gallary

「The Fugitive: Plan B」 is a story about happenings after a hefty sum of money reappears in 2010, 60 years after it disappeared during the Korean War. Rain takes the part of Gi-woo who gets involved in a mysterious murder case, and Lee Na-young plays the part of Ji-ni. Lee Jeong-jin is cast in the role of Do-soo, an investigator at the Foreign Affair Investigation Department, who chases them.

「The Fugitive: Plan B」 is a highly anticipated blockbuster with its cast from Korea, Japan, and China and pursuing scenes which will take place in various Asian cities. It is a romantic comedy action different from any other TV dramas.

Gi-woo (mid or late twenties, a detective)
As the self-claimed best detective in the world, he can speak perfect dialect of any city in the world and is 「a moving search engine」 who knows about the culture and custom of the city.
Several years ago, an Asian couple was found dead at a casino in Las Vegas, and he received a hefty sum of money from the casino after he found out they killed themselves. After that, he becomes a star among private detectives. The case gives him the fame of a capable detective, but he meets Ji-ni and gets involved in a tremendous case because of that.

Ji-ni (mid or late twenties, a leader of the TF Team under the prime minister)
She becomes to doubt about a series of incidents happened in her family since she learned that she was adopted after her parents died in an accident. One day, her foster parents are found dead at a casino in Las Vegas, and she becomes more suspicious about the incidents and finds out all the incidents are related to gold bars which disappeared during the Korean War.
After a few years, she goes to Gi-woo, who concluded her foster parents』 death as suicide, and requests to find someone named Melgidec. While hiding the truth from Gi-woo, she gets closer to the true nature of the incident, and at the same time she feels that she is gradually fascinated by Gi-Woo.

There were people who pocketed the gold bars during the Korean War, and Ji-ni’s grandfather tried to expose their true colors. Also, there were other people who tried to bury the truth using Melgidec.
Gi-ni almost became their last victim, and the detective, Gi-woo got involved in a tremendous case without knowing anything. Now their last battle unfolds!

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ジウ (20代半ば、探偵)







真伊(二十七八歲,國務總理下屬TF組 室長)



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  1. Getting more interesting as it unfolds.

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