09.12.10 [Clips] Rain & Daniel Henney interviews with DJ Mo in Paparazzi

by jax625

*UPDATED* w/ longer Rain Interview


Daniel Henney

credit: high5ivert@youtube, pgtpbbclash2010@youtube


9 Comments to “09.12.10 [Clips] Rain & Daniel Henney interviews with DJ Mo in Paparazzi”

  1. may i request politely if at least to have a banner with Rain in it,i really like to see First anything from Rain when i enter to this site each time, as i thought this site is supportive Rain”s fan site,i like Ljj,or other Casts with always Rain together to share in space of banner,i just don’t feel right without Rain in Banner’s space in this site.

  2. @slee This is the first banner where Rain has not been featured actually and it has only been up for a day or two. While our parent site is dedicated to Rain only ( http://sixtofive1982.wordpress.com ), this site is dedicated to the whole cast of the show, so you will at times see other cast members and not Rain in the banner. We have actually had comments that we have TOO MUCH Rain at times so we really need to be fair to all the fandoms here. Please be patient…Rain will undoubtedly be returning to the banner soon, no worries!!!! **also, please note that the banner size we have to work with is not very big ^^

  3. Super depressed.. why is there’s no interview of LJJ..only Rain and Daniel…haizt been looking forward for his interview here in manila:(( Love LJJ as always….

  4. Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez is so gracious in this personal interview. And I can’t believe Mr. D Henney is so honest and direct to the point as well. He is so down to earth and I think he is a very nice person, not high and mighty. No wonder I love him in My Lovely Samsoon.
    The Rain interview: Rain could have answered in English. Why Rain, why? I think he speaks better English than his translator. He is probably shy and he might think that the Pinoys might laugh at him. He is mistaken there if he thinks that way. They will understand, yes they will. No doubt about it.

  5. Rain < Ms. Ruffa Gutierrezi who are interiew along rain am not to sure about rain DON"T SPEAK ENGLISH either his skill is good just like how he message to his clouds all the time for some reason rain like the his translator rain u need to SPEAK UP so other would not look so down on u well, i can"t blame him i think for him it more specfic to be this way that just my option for what i see in rain but, ofcurse he good for who he is and speak .

    Daneil< he so postive and answer his staright word no question to hide what he are and doen i very love the way he speak out from his heart and so good in that english am melting when i hear him ahahah
    this manly handsome Daneil would be amazing guy ever and yes i love your X-MEN i wanted to watch again ehehhe 🙂

  6. Daniel, I think your ideal women is Kim Suna, great sense of humor and down to earth ha ha! why don’t you date her, I think she is single now

  7. I agree with Felisshi. Rain doesn’t know that we Filipinos are so tender-hearted…so understanding…so forgiving…so sympathetic….so patient…that he doesn’t need to be threatened by the English that we speak…it is still just our second language, although we may have more practice than other Asian countries because we have been speaking it for more than 100 years now and us being once a colony of the US. I know that they would be really gracious to Rain and that’s really nice of Mo & Ruffa too. NO ONE LAUGHS AT YOUR ENGLISH HERE, RAIN…AT THE MOST WE, FILIPINOS LAUGH AT EACH OTHER.

  8. I like DJ Mo’s interview of Rain here and he defends Rain about the miscommunication thing…which is a bit off because Mo Twister is well known in bashing artists…Rain’s charm got him eh?

    Rain as usual is handsome..,,I don’t mind him speaking in Korean, as he said before in CNN interview, though he knows and understand English and speaks too, he’s still not comfortable with the language and he likes speaking in Korean so as to express himself more. Rather than speaking in English and can’t answer the question correctly, I’d rather want him to speak in his native language than become a talk of the town and netizens because of his wrong answer.

    Oh! Daniel, you’re so good looking, no wonder Ruffa was under your spell. Ruffa is kind of flirtatious here to DH… oh well, what else is new? opppsss… sorry if I offended her fans and I must be aware of her mom though, she might pull my hair hahaha

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