09.11.10 [New] Rain photo from “Runaway Plan B”

by jax625

On Saturday 11th September 2010, @moonbeards said:

오늘의에피소드는..눈아파하는..도망자본방사수팀을위한 서비스입니다..
촬영에필요한..스틸을찍으러..지훈이형과..홍대로..게릴라촬영을갔었습니다..얼마전..티저에잠깐나왔었죠..나영누나방..벽지로..ㅋㅋ여 튼..조용히..찍고..조용히나오려했지만..어느세..팬분들이모이셨더라구요..^^ 그래도..스피드하게..찍고나왔습니다..^^


8 Comments to “09.11.10 [New] Rain photo from “Runaway Plan B””

  1. Lawd have mercy! Rain’s rocking that blue leather outfit. *_*

  2. yes, BUT…after this show…I never want to see Rain in a blue suit ever again, HAHAHAHA! I am sure he feels the same as well ^o^

  3. I’m with Jax…no more blue suits for awhile….

  4. hahaha da tu…I like him better in black suit…

    He’s really gorgeous and I’ll never get tired of saying that….drop dead gorgeous in anything!

  5. And let me add….those beautiful hands…is just killing me

  6. YES I BEEN SEE RAIN ON THAT BLUE SHIRT TO MUCH sent begining until noe what other outfit rain have no much pict off that whiches u can see it from the teaser *aish*
    btw… look how rain walk is he look like he hold a sword or wepon ands about to goes off and knock some of his hand ahahah

  7. That’s what they refer to as SEXY

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