09.11.10 [Clip] “S1. Plan B” Cast Interview on KBS YunYeGaJunGye

by jax625

Credit: DC Gallay
up by ratoka@youtube


7 Comments to “09.11.10 [Clip] “S1. Plan B” Cast Interview on KBS YunYeGaJunGye”

  1. hahahaha that was so funny…when Lee Jung Jin hyung pulled Rain’s feet….that must’ve been ouchy hahahaha…bad hyung hahaha

  2. @pluie625 that was HILARIOUS! Loved all the behind the scenes footage ^^ I really enjoy the friendship between Rain & LJJ, I think they will be lifelong friends after this!

  3. i very love the periew it very show all these 3 guy have much to say in commen and yet rain and LJJ very show much relationship together even just during the shooting LJj pull his foot see hoe closed they are and u know they 2 well be the most unforgetable man too

  4. This must have been shot after the presscon at Manila Hotel, they were all wearing the same attire. Yes, the bunch are really having a grand time esp LJJ and Rain. Their cammaraderie is contagious. They are so enjoying themselves. They’re like little kids fooling around. Rain is so funny. He makes everyone feel at ease. I love this group, even D Henney appears to be having a blast with the rest of them.

  5. Love this…am laughing all the way…Rain has such an ugly face sometimes, but really cute…am feeling a little better.

  6. kekeke so funny this video…. they are really close to each other… Lee Jung Jin was so wise that Rain couldn’t take a friendly revenge….

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