09.11.10 [Capture] S1. Plan B Teaser #2

by kajima


6 Comments to “09.11.10 [Capture] S1. Plan B Teaser #2”

  1. This drama promises all round entertainment: action, romance, drama, beautiful spots, interesting places, comedy, beautiful and handsome faces, the works, just name it. This will be a sure hit with a cast of famous stars. Wow ! ! ! I couldn’t ask for anything more than this.

  2. Ji-hoon is such a sight for sore eyes and sore heart too.

  3. WOW, Kajima, that’s awesome…thanks so much for capping this and sharing!


  4. THANK U FOR THE SIDE PORFILE awesome !! :P)

  5. you’re welcome!
    I really love and enjoy to done it. ^ ^
    Thank you so much Jax,Kongsao

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