09.11.10 [Caps] Rain @ KBS ENT News for “S1. Plan B”

by jax625

credit: DC GALLARY


13 Comments to “09.11.10 [Caps] Rain @ KBS ENT News for “S1. Plan B””

  1. ahhh the first 2 pics …*faint

  2. i agree, hehe, NICE @.@…I think all 3 men should pose like this….what do you think?!

  3. OMG!!!! The first pic is a killer!…Whew! that was one hot man! and he’s soooo tanned!

    Jax…yes can we request the 3 gorgeous men to have a pic taken like that?…

  4. owww..poor my angel..tired

    • Right? That’s what I see, too. It’s almost like he’s thinking, “Okay…did we get the friggin pic YET?! How many family member she got?! Dangit..It’s hot as heck, I’m tired and hungry…aaaarggh.” Poor thing didn’t even put his peace sign down…LOL.

  5. *SIGH* @_@ OMG!!! 1&2 drop death faint
    DAMIT !! it just to smoking here i so ssizzling gosh wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww i wanted 3 man together like first rain is OH MERCY !! :P)
    IT HIT ME RAIN!! ~ U TO DANGEROUS !! ahahha

  6. Pic 2……..nice ass!…….Pic 1 and 2 ………loving the bare skin!!! Mercy, Ji-Hoon!!!!!

  7. LOOve the first 2 pix , are they scenes from the drama ?

  8. The pix # 2, is that part of the drama? Why did he have to dress up openly? And who’s that girl? But man ! what body ! My whole body is shaking. hehehe ! ! ! And my husband’s not even here.

  9. Daebak! I LOVE what I see. Can’t stop staring. Hi Hi Hi. Besides having an amazing tanned skin, he looks very lean. I guess it’s from all the running and action scenes.

    • ROFLMAO…The bears (before the pics) cracked me up. Nice work on the pictures! You always do such creative things. I haven’t told you how much I appreciate you…so here goes: “I totally love all the stuff you do to make this site so enjoyable! Thank you so very much!!!” Have a wonderful week! -Mar ^_^

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