09.10.10 [New] Photo of Lee Jung Jin in “S1. Plan B”

by jax625

**this pic is so hot we had to make it our new banner! Thanks for the constant updates moonbeards!

photo property of "moonbeards"

On Friday 10th September 2010, @moonbeards said:

오늘의에피소드주인공은..비덩..정진이형입니다..^^ 언제..어디서..어떻게..어떤카메라로..찍어도..잘나오는형..ㅋㅋ그래서..쪼금겁나기도합니다..ㅋㅋ


24 Comments to “09.10.10 [New] Photo of Lee Jung Jin in “S1. Plan B””

  1. WOW~ ~ Lee Jung Jin So HOT!!

    Nice Banner LOL..

    Beautiful trip. ^ ^Welcome back JAX !

    Big thanks to MR.moonbears and you Jax!

  2. I COMPLETELY agree, Jax! Now I want the same couch for my house. It looks hecka comfy…LOL ^_^

  3. I knew you would love this one Kajima ^^

    Thanks for the welcome back! I left you a msg on another comment, not sure if you saw…but, ya, I’m back! Let’s catch up soon…still trying to get settled back into things at home, but will be more free after the weekend~ Thanks for everything and helping keep the site going while I was away!


  4. @Kajima…i think it was on one of the pictures @.@ i don’t remember now *aish* >.<…think it was, yesterday? haha!

    @MarNies… a side of DH would be nice to! With maybe a dash of Rain ^^

  5. JAX)) MarNies))

    hehe… so funny!

    credit as tagged

    • I actually laughed out loud so LOUD I had to cover my mouth before my co-workers caught me. That upgraded pic is hilarious! Thank you for making me laugh, kajima! Have a great weekend, everyone! ♥ & hugs! -Mar

  6. I agree.. This picture of Lee Jung Jin is soo HOT! super Gwapo talaga niya,,, I’m super disappointed that he’s not famous here in the Philippines.. Haayyy Anyways I’m his Biggest Fan here in the Philippines! love him soo much:)

  7. i entered to see Rain, then first i see Ljj as banner,nothing against Ljj,but i feel like i am entering to Ljj”s fan site, or i don’ t know you choose anyone,but i am missing Rain as banner, & there’s so many exiting recent pictures of him, sorry if anything offended to you, it”s just my perception on changed banner.i know i need to be distracted from Rain sometimes, not easy for me sometimes

  8. waaaaa..Lee Jung Jin so hot here…Now I suddenly remember him and So Ae kissing in 9 ends 2 out hahahaha…whew! that kissing scene when they saw each other infront of their building was hot hahaha…

  9. YES YES YES!!
    i about t knock over my head he looking very dashing here sitting and relax thinking of me too LJJ i love the way u look today oh boy i differnly can”t wait to catch more u on this drama

  10. Thank you MarNies !

    Have a great weekend to you & everyone!

  11. @ kajima can I have that mug please? Does it come with the hot oppa in the picture too? Hahahha

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