09.10.10 [KBSTv] The extra special teaser for ‘Runaway Plan B’ only.

by jax625

(the teaser is the same as posted HERE, but please make sure to visit the KBS site as well and show your support of this drama, thanks!)


만의 특별한 티저 “번외편”

국제탐정협회 태평양지부 아시아지회 대한민국 사무소장 지우라고 합니다.

그 놈이 그런 놈이에요. 엄청나게 빨라~
놓치는 법이 없지~ 발정난 하이에나라고나 할까.

돈 밝히고, 여자 밝히는 탐정에게 찾아온 치명적 의뢰인!

탐정 지우에 대한 여러분들의 평가는?

9월 29일 수요일 밤 9시 55분 첫방송까지~ 쭉!

홈페이지를 지켜봐주세요!

[english below)

(The extra special teaser for ‘Runaway Plan B’ only.)

-They call me ‘Ji Woo’ who is the Asian Pacific Korean bureau chief for the International Federation of Detective.

-He’s that kind of guy : Since he is so slippy about it, he never lets an opportunity slip.~

-Shall we call him as a hyena in heat?

-A deadly client who comes to see that detective who is crazy about money and really likes women and shows it.

-What is your opinion of him?

-Please continue to stay with “Runaway Plan B” homepage from the beginning to end of the drama that will be

aired on Wednesday, September 29th, at 9:55.


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