09.09.10 [Updates] from KBS Tv Official S1. Plan B Site

by jax625

KBS TV Runaway HP_The teaser clip for Runaway is promptly released.

credit to 플랜B929
[09-08] 18:33:31

Please visit the linked site below to see the clip:

http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/run/p … ?messageId=29222186

한국이 낳은 세계적인 명탐정 “지우”

돈 밝히고, 여자 밝히는
탐정에게 찾아온 치명적 의뢰인!

그들을 기다리고 있는 함정

정지훈, 이나영, 이정진, 다니엘헤니, 윤손하, 윤진서, 성동일, 공형진
그리고 세계적인 명품 배우 타케나카 나오토, 우에하라 타카코 등 출연!

9월 29일 수요일 밤 9시 55분!
KBS2TV 첫방송!!


“Ji-Woo” who is a world-class private detective from Korea.

A deadly client who comes to see that detective who is crazy about money and really likes women and shows it !

There is a terrible trap against the two..

‘Jung Ji-Hoon’, ‘Lee Na Young’, ‘Lee Jung Jin’, ‘Daniel Henney’, ‘Yun Son Ha’, ‘Yun Jin Seo’, ‘Sung Dong Il’, and ‘Gong Hyung Jin’ including internationally famous actor ‘Dkenaka Naoto’ and actress ‘Uehara Takako’, will appear in the drama !

It’ll be on the air for the first time on Wednesday, September 29th, at 9:55pm, through KBS2TV !!

http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/run/p … ?messageId=29222186

English translation by rain bird.


[09-09] KBS TV Runaway HP_What I want to tell you today is, just wait and see…

credit to @moonbeards
Date : 2010-09-09 // 09:32:03


오늘..드릴말씀은..기다려보세요!!^^ㅋㅋ 기다려보시면..알게될꺼에요..!!^^
about 10 hours ago

이미..보신분도있고못보신분도계신것같은데..오늘공개됐습니다..!!^^ 다들..기대하시는만큼나왔는지모르겠네요..!!^^
about 10 hours ago


What I want to tell you today is, just wait and see..!!^^

Just wait and see and you’ll find out what’s happening.. !!^^

about 10 hours ago

While there are those who have already seen the teaser, others have not yet seen it.

It has been released today..!!^^

I’m not sure if it has been made as well as all of you expected.!!^^

about 10 hours ago


Eng.trans.by rain bird.


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