09.09.10 [Pic] Rain on “S1. Plan B” set

by jax625

On Thursday 9th September 2010, @moonbeards said:


오늘의에피소드는..^^막내의..재롱(?) 가끔촬영장에서..쉬는시간..모든스텝이모여웃고있으면..그중심엔..늘지훈이형이자리잡고있죠..ㅋㅋ극중주인공이긴하지만..실제론..진서누나 다음으로막내니..그냥막내나다름없죠..ㅋㅋ 늘..촬영장에서..분위기를 주도하는..지훈이형..정진이형과의..므흣한분위기도가끔연출하고..ㅋㅋ


8 Comments to “09.09.10 [Pic] Rain on “S1. Plan B” set”

  1. Soooo Handsome and sexy in that pic. Thanks Clouds for sharing!!! (*^_^*)

  2. Rain looks funny…am laughing, but love the chin…

  3. OMG!!! I was out of breath with this picture! Oh Bi! you sure know how to make us all fall in love with your cuteness…

  4. 私は笑うことができます!

  5. I can laugh!

  6. i heard moonbeards is Fugitive photographer . ^ ^

    he done very well for fans.!

    Thanks moonbeards ~ ~

  7. @kajima
    that exzactly
    me & ,y firend on tweet to him and he the one who been share the pict to us on his tweet pict he the one took all FUGITIVE PICT and filming FUGITIVE LOCATION too awesome and & rain are bravoooooooooooo

    rain oh rain u tooking my bearth away i just faint down of my chair ahahahah u post strike me ekekekekek
    u just know to get us all *DIE* love u more rain MUCK!!! KISS RIGHT AT U !! :p)

  8. the cutest ever! ^_^

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