09.09.10 [News] Online news sources respond to “S1. Plan B” Teaser release

by jax625

Several online news sources have  posted their thoughts along with the Teaser to S1. Plan B… So rather then post these separately I have combined them into one post for easier reading, enjoy watching the Teaser again as well!~

[09-09] [allkpop] Rain’s Fugitive teaser

Upcoming KBS2 drama, Domangja aka Fugitive: Plan B, has released an official teaser!

Fugitive stars Rain, Lee Na Young, Daniel Henney, and Lee Jung Jin. As you can see in the teaser below, the drama boasts many international stars that are also set to appear on the highly anticipated drama.

The story is about a large sum of money that has been lost during the Korean War and suddenly reappears after 60 years causing a fugitive chase across Asia. Filming took place in several different countries, including Thailand, Japan, and China.

Based on the preview, we get a glimpse of what we can expect from the drama, a bit of what each character’s roles are, a whole lot of action packed chase scenes and some nice eye candy as well!

Fugitive: Plan B is scheduled to air on the 29th of September after the mega popular drama Baker King / Kim Tak Gu.

Thanks to Queenhy for the tip!

source: allkpop


[09-09] [dramabeans] Preview clip for Rain’s Runaway (Plan B)

Here, we go, the preview video for Runaway! And true to the drama’s title, there’s a lot of running in it.

The drama is described as a romantic-comedy action project, which could have skewed hokey if done too slapstick. But on the contrary, it looks pretty slick, actually. Lots of action and — with this writer-director pair (of Chuno, as well as Level 7 Civil Servant‘s writer) — probably a lot of stylish cinematography and fast pacing.

(Do we now have to change the title to Plan B, per the trailer? I’ve gotten so used to thinking of it as Runaway… By the way, for those of you wondering why I’ve stuck with Runaway instead of Fugitive — as both titles are in use equally — it was a deliberate choice because the Korean word can mean either, but “fugitive” has the added connotation of criminality. As far as I know, Rain isn’t a criminal, but he IS on the run. Plus, the drama website uses the word “run.” Just for those who were curious.)

source: dramabeans


[09-09] [dongdrama] The Official Tralier for ‘Runaway’ is OUT !

This is it! The first official trailer of upcoming romantic-comedy action Korean drama ‘Runaway’ aka ‘Fugitive: Plan B’, which stars Asian superstar Rain, Lee Na Young, Daniel Henney, and Lee Jung Jin has finally released.

The drama plots the story about a hefty sum of money which has disappeared and reappears after 60 years during the Korean War causing a fugitive chase across Asia. The shooting location takes in several different Asian countries, including Thailand, Japan, and China. Therefore, as we can see the trailer below is full of action packed chase scenes.

With the duo creative behind hit Korean drama ‘Chuno’ aka ‘Slave Hunters’ the drama is also expected to deliver a lot of stylish cinematography.

‘Runaway’ premieres on September 29, following the most watched Korean drama ‘Baker King, Kim Tak Goo’.

source: dongdrama


[09-09] [Expo news] The splendid teaser for Runaway is released

The teaser clip for Runaway which would replace drama series ‘Baking King, ‘Kim Tahck-Goo’ running amidst rising popularity, has been released.

KBS 2TV released the teaser clip for Runaway immediately after the 27th episode of ‘Baking King, ‘Kim Tahck-Goo’ last 8th.

The clip for Runaway showed Rain gong around hiding from his pursuers, running as fast as he can, based in Asia’s major cities where the tune that has a speedy tempo is playing in the background.

In the clip, Rain is first introduced, and he is followed by ‘Lee Na-Young’, ‘Daniel Henney’, and ‘Lee Jung-Jin’, and then Rain & Lee Na Young shows stunt techniques with high level of difficulty.

Netizen saw the clip and excited by the anticipation of the drama, commenting on it,

“I’m sure this drama will be awesome as it is its all-star cast.”

“It seems not to be a drama, but a film.”

This drama boasts scale that is like a blockbuster from the drawing board, which attracts the attention, and having shot on location abroad, traveling widely in Asia such as Japan, China, Macau, Philippines, etc. particularly draws attention.

People have greater expectations of Runaway than ever because it is the collaboration of the team that made big hit drama ‘Choono’ early this year.

Meanwhile, comic romantic detective and action drama Runaway is a tale that takes place while Ji-Woo (the main character Rain plays in the drama), a world-class private detective from Korea, is being trapped.

This drama’ll be on the air for the first time on September 29th.

credit to Expo news http://news.nate.com/view/20100909n12123

Pictures from DC Rain Gallery.

Brief transaltion by rain bird.


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