09.08.10 [Pics] Rain Filming “S1. Plan B”

by jax625

credit: dyan@rain-cloud


12 Comments to “09.08.10 [Pics] Rain Filming “S1. Plan B””

  1. Ji-hoon….SMILE!

  2. Rain…why so serious?! bahahahaha! i had to steal his line…anyways, you should be happy, a lot of things are going in your favor at this time 😛

    • Hahaha! Actually he looks a little tired and possibly dehydrated. Welcome back and I hope you had a fantabulous vacation, Jax! Totally missed you, but the rest of the Fugitive625 held it down in your absence.

      • Thanks MarNies! You are always so sweet! I actually had to cut my vacation short, but it’s ok, glad to be home! The Fugitive625 girls did an AWESOME job, I agree…thanks Deb & Kajima xoxo’s!

  3. Gahhh I’m jealous of that girl leaning on him.

    Yeah why so serious JoHoon? Hahaha
    Smile you’re on camera

  4. I am the one posted these at rain-cloud. ^^ the pictures are from my sister. The shooting was not in Manila ^_^

  5. it’s okay. ^^ I’ve been seeing the pictures everywhere. ^_^

  6. @dyan
    in a province near Manila right??
    thank for the sharing alot this pict very nice to see rain have good mood today and took a pict with them too u sister r lucky i glad u make it and i bet she is so happy

  7. I wonder which province they’ve gone to shoot. They should go to Angeles City. They actually have a small Korean community near Clark Field at the Friendship gate where there are lots of Korean restaurants and bars. I’m sure the Korean crew will enjoy going there on a break.

  8. No it’s not in Punta Fuego Batangas. ^^
    It’s in Kawit, Cavite where the Aguinaldo Shrine is located. It’s like 1 1/2 drive from Manila
    The shoot was around 11am I think ^_^

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