09.08.10 [Clip] 도망자 / Runaway / Fugitive teaser is here!

by jax625

**Updated w/ HD**

up by ratoka // s1.plan b @ youtube

source: fugitive625@youtube
credit: DC


9 Comments to “09.08.10 [Clip] 도망자 / Runaway / Fugitive teaser is here!”

  1. wow!!! cant hardly wait to see the first episode. it really live-up to its title, RunAway, kekekekekeek!!!! Rain is running all the time.

  2. That’s so WoW!!!!

  3. Happy you found us Bwitch….Team D keeps deleting our stuff from the Daniel page >.< please check back often!

  4. OH~ WOW~~~GREAT!!!

    Jax! Thank you so much. ^ ^*

  5. Wow! Seems like it’s filled with much action. Can’t wait till September 29

  6. Your Great Job. Thanks jax!!!

  7. thanks so much Bwitch & kajima ❤ that means a lot!

  8. wooooooooooooooooootttt wwhew!!! rain is very run away person and a figther too now this waht i looking toward this excited drama it is action and thast body even more sexyer catch i am getting so exctied to watch this on 29th

  9. Awesome teaser, isn’t it? Guys, I’d like to share to you a fan account when rain filmed fugitive in my hometown. here’s the link: http://memo-rain.ning.com/profiles/blogs/fan-accounts-s1-plan-b-cast

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