09.07.10 Rain’ll return home on the 15th after his filming on location

by kajima

[06-Sep-10][Sports Josun] Rain’ll return home on the 15th after his filming on location abroad for two and a half months.

Rain who stars in KBS TV’s new drama series Runaway to be on the air every Wednesday and Thursday, is expected to return home on around the 15th of this month after his filming on location abroad for two and a half months or so.

An official from the drama production expressed, “The last shoot of the drama is now getting under way in the Philippines, and both the cast and the crew will return home on the 15th and 16th, respectively, by being divided into two teams. Rain’ll also return home, choosing between the two days,

but as of yet no concrete schedule has been outlined.”

Runaway has been filmed on location in overall Asia since it started in Japan in early July where the cast and the crew have taken part in the shooting.

PD ‘Kowak Jung-Howan’, actress ‘Lee Na-Young’, actor ‘Lee Jung-Jin’ and so on have been proceeding their own schedules for about two and a half months, traveling back and forth between Korea and others, while Rain’s been staying alone in foreign countries due to his single passport.

It was impossible for him to get a multiple entry visa in a situation that seems to lead to his joining the army, so he’s forced himself to continue shooting the drama with a single passport, traveling from one country to another.

The official added, “I appreciate individuals’ fully engaging themselves in the shoot until the very end.

Considering the numerous factors including the broadcast schedule,

 we’ve decided to cancel the drama shooting on location in Thailand.

The sights and the sentiments of 8 foreign countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, etc. which exude atmospheres of exoticism, will be broadcast.”

Since Rain’s joining the army is on hold until next year, he is expected to have no difficulty in shooting the drama.

Meanwhile, a production report conference of Runaway will be held around during the fourth week of September after the Choosuk holidays. (Sept.21~23),

 and then the first episode of the drama series will be aired on the 29th.

credit to Sports Josun http://news.nate.com/view/20100906n07652

Brief translation by rain bird


3 Comments to “09.07.10 Rain’ll return home on the 15th after his filming on location”

  1. Hey….that’s my bday! 🙂

  2. Happy early Birthday Emi!

  3. i know rain is very happy to be home he been out for sereval month now he must very miss his home

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