09.06.10 [Info] Overseas donation support for Runaway/逃亡者海外捐贈應援方案

by jax625

Dear Rain supporters

I am seeking your support for a charity donation project. I have temporarily named this as:

“도망자 (Runaway): Rain and world clouds – one world, one love” charity donation

We are all aware of the massive negative media reports about the J Tune share issue. They had not done justice to our artist. Some media even managed to twist a small dressing style and almost fabricated it into a sex scandal. I do not want to guess their intentions, but after talking to some Korean clouds, we feel the need to counter these negative reports. We feel the need to give back to the Korean public the true, positive image of Rain. We want to show them world clouds believe in Rain, world clouds love and support Rain.

At the same time, we want to show our congratulations to Rain on his come back to the TV screen with Runaway. We have been waiting for this eagerly.

We feel the best way to show our support and love is to make a charity donation in Korea from his fans all over the world. As the producer has scheduled some press conference in Seoul in the second half of September it would be ideal if our charity donation could be made at about the same time.

While we were exploring the ideas, the Cloud Master has issued a notice asking for suggestions to support the artist, the drama and the crew. As a coincidence Cloud Master also mentioned about some kind of charity “flower rice bags”.

It would have been perfect if a combined effort could take place driven by the Cloud. Unfortunately it seems discussions are still ongoing in the Cloud and no decisions have been made yet.

If we really want to involve as many overseas fans’ support as possible we need to proceed without further delay. After discussing with Korean clouds and informing the Cloud Master, we have decided to make this into a separate project. The Cloud will continue with its deliberation on the format to support. In the meantime we will go ahead with our overseas donation project. The Cloud Master is aware of this and there is no conflict.

We hope to raise a significant sum of money with the support of overseas fans. The donation will be used to purchase nutritious supplements for abused children in Korea. Depending on the amount collected, part of the donation may be made to another project, in Korea or in other parts of the world. But right now our focus is in Korea.

We hope you could support this donation. Any amount will be appreciated, as we really want it to be from Rain’s fans of all countries. Individual fans can choose to deposit the donation directly to the bank account below. Alternatively, if you trust your local fan sites and forums, and if they are willing to coordinate, a collective contribution and remittance could be made. This will save bank charges.

Unfortunately I could only provide a bank account in Hong Kong. After you have remitted your contribution, please remember to send an email informing us your id, country and amount. This is only for record purpose. We will not announce individual amounts contributed. We may include the names only of contributing cities/countries in any press material, or we may just announce the whole donation as from Rain’s world fans. As mentioned, we want to give back the true and positive image of Rain to the Korean media. Any press material prepared on this donation will be cleared with J. Tune beforehand.

Some, or many of you may have queries or doubts about this as an individual driven project. I hope I have explained clearly, but please only contribute if you feel comfortable to do so. We feel the need to do something quickly as it involves many overseas fans and countries, and we could not afford to wait for the Cloud to take the initiative.

We have not set a deadline yet, and please certainly do not let a deadline to stop your contribution. We are working on details locally. We will provide updates as we get them.

Bank account details:

Hang Seng Bank
Hong Kong
Branch code: 024
Account number: 242-4-033401
Account name: Tai Wai Ping

If you have problems in remitting into this account please contact us by email. We will try to work out a solution.

Email address: runaway_donation@hotmail.com

Rain will soon return home after an extended stay overseas. Let us give him our biggest love and support.

credit //huhuhuhu @ rainhk


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