09.05.10 [Pic] Rain @ “S1. Plan B” Set

by jax625

필리핀..뒷모습인증입니다..^^ 그늘도없는..촬영장에서..쉬고있는모습..!! 왜..!!!Why..!!!지훈이형이태우면..구릿빛건강미..제가태우면..농사태닝.. ㅠㅠ아..안습..ㅋㅋ

This is a picture of ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung’s back in the Philippines..^^

This picture shows him taking a rest on the set where there were no trees to offer us shade..!!

Why..!! why..!!!

‘Ji Hoon’ hyung looks very healthy with his skin tanned to a deep mahogany, while I look like a country bumpkin with a tan.. ㅠㅠ Alas, that makes me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes…ㅋㅋ

Eng.trans by rain bird.

credit: runaway staff + rain-cloud + as tagged

source: http://twitpic.com/2lgtmc


9 Comments to “09.05.10 [Pic] Rain @ “S1. Plan B” Set”

  1. I love this photo..his skin I like so much…

  2. yay! he’s so dark now….but I love it…sexiest back ever!

  3. wow! so tanned! ^^ he lookssss sooooo good^^
    the sun and uri Ji Hoon looks good together ^_^

  4. Speechless! I hope I can finish my “padded room” before this drama airs! My constantly screaming and drooling while watching this drama will really make my neighbors mad!

  5. CPH are so lucky they get to see him. I was reading agent p’s blog and I was laughing while I wad trying to picture the scene where the bystanders and them too were so surprised when Rain popped from nowhere and said “hello and waved at them” before getting on his service car hahaha.

    Agent p, thanks for the pic and also for the staff for the man with a sexy back resting pic

  6. @dyan & starrain

    yup yup yup, i agree he is sexerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tan wooooot!!! :P)
    i am so doorling ove his body and that tan making me speeeeeccchhlleessssssssssssssssssssssss
    i see the sexyer and hotness come from rain wowo just wowo i love even more matter i think it even suit him PERFECT well that to me man he well half ligh and half tan ahahha i see 2 rain pictures in this new drama coming out would u amazing how awesome fun, roamantic ect… this flm can get u oh yeah babe i am fall for this and i well love btwww. i just death over and over that sexyer & YES he look so dran GOOD !! i totally agree that our rain uuhhhhhhhhhhhh :P)

  7. I wonder if he got this tan while he was in Cebu. I am wondering still if his tan covers all over his body including his butt. Really curious on this one. I guess that just leaves my imagination to figure this out.

  8. OMG felisshi unni you cracked me up. Well I guess you will see one’s true skin color by looking at his butt unless he sunbathed nude or got tanning treatment with no clothes at all. There’s a nude beach here in Vancouver if he wants to get tanned all over he can sunbath here while it’s still summer, and I’ll be guarding him from sunbathing nude ladies. Don’t worry guys I’m harmless (not) LOL

  9. Rain’s beautiful Deep Golden Tanned Skin suits me JUST FINE. As a matter of fact, I could see him this color year round! Too bad it will only last the summer. He’s Fine and Oh So Sexy tan or no tan anyway!!

    So Sexy Baby!!!…………..Love it Ji-Hoon!!!…………..(SMILES)

    @ felisshi,

    Hmmm…………….a nice, firm, deep golden tanned butt…………..I can just picture my fingers skimming it right now!! GOOD MERCY!!

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