09.04.10 [KBS] So Far 5 And A Half Episodes Have Been Filmed Ahead

by dsl99a

– The post about Runaway on KBS TV Drama Gallery –

Runaway PD ‘Kowak Jung-Howan’ expressed, “Unlike ‘Choono’ or ‘Hansungbyulgok’ (PD ‘Kowak’s existing dramas), ‘Runway’ is a drama people of all ages can enjoy, and its plot line could go against everyone’s expectations. That way, I think you can enjoy watching it. So far, 5 episodes and a half of the drama have been filmed ahead.”

PD ‘Kowak’ also commented on Rain who stars in the drama, “Seeing Rain meeting the parties involved to talk about his work with traveling around the world, I’m often amazed at the sight. He has been perfectly playing his character in the drama. Countries of Asia expect much from him.”

credit to KBS Drama Gallery
Re-post DC Gallery http://gall.dcinside.com/list.ph … amp;page=1&bbs=
Brief translation by rain bird.


2 Comments to “09.04.10 [KBS] So Far 5 And A Half Episodes Have Been Filmed Ahead”

  1. gosh i am wanted to see this soon it look more and more intersting above the filminmg they very amazing shot everytime wowo can”t wait i hope we get to see it

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