09.02.10 [Pics] More of Rain on ‘S1. Plan B’ set

by kajima

** Good news **

Rain delays his enlistment to 2011

Previously, we reported that Rain (28) had received his enlistment notice to serve in the army from the 28th of this month. But it was revealed today that Rain will only enlist in 2011 instead.

Rain had received his enlistment notice in May and there were fears that he might not be able to complete filming for his upcoming drama, Fugitive in time. Not just the drama, Rain also has on his schedule, undertaking a masters degree course, concerts in Japan and a possible movie.

His company, J.Tune Entertainment then submitted a request to delay Rain’s enlistment because of his busy schedule and word came today from the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) that it has been granted. As a result, Rain’s next enlistment window will happen earliest in 2011.

Rain’s upcoming drama, Fugitive will take over from the highly successful, King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo from September 29th in the Wed-Thus timeslot through KBS2TV.

credit Casper/allkpop


7 Comments to “09.02.10 [Pics] More of Rain on ‘S1. Plan B’ set”

  1. I’ve just read that his enlistment was postponed this september and he will go next year instead yahooooo

  2. i thank god it will be delayed to the next year i cant live with our rain yesssss good news but we will miss him the next year ^ how long it takes to serve in the army ?

  3. All great news! And I love the updates with pictures! You all are doing a great job and I appreciate your efforts! His US Clouds wouldn’t have another way to stay in “touch” with his many projects without your efforts! Thank you!

  4. THIS IS A GREAT NEW for rain i am happy they understand his work and finally give rain more opportuine to finish his job here gald it understanding him well …
    damit the first pict of rain look so manly he very soooooooooooo ruggudly handsome here i fall in love with everday ahahahha love it your look so good here that big pict their wanted to hug him NOW!!!!!!!!!

  5. that is good news for everyone! and the 1 pic. omg, Rain, u r the BEST!

  6. Oh my goodness! I *seriously* dang near almost fainted when I scrolled down and saw this pic! @_@ *gasp & swoon*

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