09.01.10 [Pics] More ‘S1. Plan B’ Cast Photos

by jax625

credit: DC


9 Comments to “09.01.10 [Pics] More ‘S1. Plan B’ Cast Photos”

  1. re: picture2
    game over, Rain is taller lol

  2. omo look at his butt….yummy

  3. OMG!!!! Hahaha yes pic 2 game over Rain is taller and he’s even wearing slippers. And sorry can’t help but notice the butt difference too lol!!! Yummmy indeed hahaha

  4. I mean pic 3 where he’s wearing slippers/flip flops. But u can see the difference of the shoulder too in pic 2

  5. awawwawaw!!! here it goes more cuttie pie here even thoese gril are invited to the d=share kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OHMG!!! all i can say the frim butt, is very stick like a ball OMoooooo OOO !! @__@ i wanted to grap it bad heyyyyyyyyyyy zoooooooommmmm IN MORE EKEKKEEK !!! 🙂

  6. although he was not tall of lee jung jin but he’s still handsome and cuteeeeeee…..

  7. LJJ is like Rain’s older brother he never had. Their closeness is so touching. They really are enjoying each others’ company. And to think that I nearly dropped LJJ off of my list in favor of Kim Rae Won in that drama “Love Story in Harvard”. But then after watching ” I love you, don’t cry”, I started to like him again. I am really enjoying watching them together. Rain could also be asking him some tips regarding military life and how to spend military life without being with your family for two years. Things like that. It looks like this is the start of a true and lasting friendship for both.

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