08.31.10 [New] S1. Plan B ‘Fugitive’ Cast Photos

by jax625

credit: DC Gallary + ratoka@rain cloud


7 Comments to “08.31.10 [New] S1. Plan B ‘Fugitive’ Cast Photos”

  1. Lol!!!! OMG! I was really laughing so hard here. That was so sweet of Ji Hoon and Jung Jin I wish I was neither of them because I want to embrace Ji Hoon as much as I wanted to embrace Jung Jin. 🙂 and to sit next to neither Ji Hoon and Daniel too hahaha

  2. OMG!!!!! Oh ~ 2 sweet guys hahah…


    Jax~ Thanks so much for posting dear.~!!^^*♥

    your post made me happy hehe.

    Have A Beautiful Day JaX!!

  3. wooo Rain is so handsome, I can’t waiting for the drama, thanks for the pics

  4. Oh gash!!! this 2 hunk very making me laughting they are such very cloes together
    look like rain fall into LJJ spil ekekekk joking my both man very make my day actually am still ROFL
    ahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the two what about Daneil ??? oh rain oh rain u just make me wanted to jum in between these and catch me instead ahahah
    the 1 pict of his leather jacket he look very so different then usuall ready is that rain know ??? ekekek

  5. hahaha ! ! ! This is cute !
    I want a blue parasol like that one Rain’s holding.
    These two will end up as best buds after the shoot for sure.

  6. waaaahh .., very funny, I like that picture ..,
    very affectionate .., hehe

  7. Silly Guys LOVE YA!!! HAHAHAHAHA 😀

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