08.31.10 [Pics] Rain “S1. Plan B” New Pictures

by dsl99a

Source: Naver News // RainHK


5 Comments to “08.31.10 [Pics] Rain “S1. Plan B” New Pictures”

  1. OH GOSH!!! O.o this sooooooooooooooo COOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!
    THAT WAS VERY SHARP of him rain look EXTREMLY serious and dran that outfit just blow me away ahahhaha gosh i wanted to see now T__T it just to dran good to say it !!

  2. please update ’bout DH…

    • Hi Cath….so sorry there has been no recent updates or pics about Daniel….please know that when there is, we post it. If we seem to favor Rain news over other actors it is just because that’s the only news available. A lot of what’s out there for our sources is Rain’s fans…he has a HUGE fan following, so without them we probably would not have all the behind the scenes pics, fan accounts, etc. We are all big DH fans here at F625, so we ourselves would like to see more news about DH as well as the other actors & actresses 🙂

      Please hang in there!

      xoxo’s, Jax

  3. “sigh” so handsome….

  4. What a handsome dude ! ! ! I love him in biker’s leather jacket. He is exceptional in this pix. You can never leave me alone with him looking like the way he is now, or else I’ll just grab him and jump at him and kwuk &*()_*&^% him right there and then. hahaha ! ! ! hahahaha ! ! ! ! If Rain only knew what we’re writing about him . . . . .

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