08.30.10 [Pic] Rain @ Macau “S1. Plan B” filming set

by kajima

Credit : WenG_K / t.sina
Source : http://ss9.sinaimg.cn/orignal/690ac2a6g8e9df19bc2e8&690


3 Comments to “08.30.10 [Pic] Rain @ Macau “S1. Plan B” filming set”

  1. I’m all smiles just by looking at his sexy back

  2. Yeah his back is so sexy. Hopefully the mosquitoes in the Philippines won’t feast on his flawless skin when he gets there. And I hope the heat won’t get to him, I mean it is so hot there and humid, I hope this won’t hinder in the way of his shooting and rehearsals when he is in Manila.

  3. @felisshi…oh yeah! I heard that there’s a dengue outbreak there now….So please Ji Hoon go see a doctor and have some flu shots or whatever precautions so you won’t get sick there… The mosquito bites are deadly…

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