08.30.10 [Pic] Rain Fugitive Picture

by dsl99a

credit//runaway staff//rain cloud


7 Comments to “08.30.10 [Pic] Rain Fugitive Picture”

  1. This took my breath away…sweetie looks so handsome in black.Wow ^_^

  2. *sigh*…so gorgeous in black….and what a beautiful hands you have Rain….

  3. There’s that milk & honey smooth skin again!!…………………

  4. oh gosh i am breat taking here what handsome this guy can get and damit he lok so gooooooooooooooooood in BLACK oh rain skin so natrual i just want to run my finger on him how he set and thnking at the monment what an man !!! :P)

  5. oh rain thinking of him spending time preparing for the next scene even
    what rain is a main charcater of the cast and he very look serious of this FUGTIVE coz, he very wanted to give all his best of the film of him in here and i know rain have alot of intersting and amazing by read and see the footage of this film already and know rain well give all his best
    to this flim rain is basic person took thing so serious this is his long way k-drama for rain and his character is a dectived JI-WOO so they intertional wilde will be watching this and im know this drama well be so good and alot intersting plus background well blowing netizens mind their are alot hot guy and women in this film so i know for sure this well not disipoment at all …

  6. OMG ! ! ! Here comes my tears again. Heck ! ! ! I am so sensitive these days. I guess this all started when Rain announced his concert in Manila so suddenly that I felt so bad for not being able to go. My life is becoming miserable everyday as 9/11 is fast approaching; plus when I see Rain this handsome, I can’t help but miss him. I feel like pulling my hair ! hahaha ! ! ! am I going nuts or what !

  7. You know what I read on his face in this picture? His eyes are expressing a worried look, anxiety, as if he did not sleep good the previous night; sadness and melancholia. Although he doesn’t have visible eyebags, his eyes are subtly swollen. Could he have cried the night before or he just rubbed his eyes too much because they’re tired. Either way, his eyes indicate a look of anxiousness. I hope he’s not worrying about the problems he left behind in Korea.
    Cheer up dear friend. No matter what you decide, we will support and love you forever. Promise. And that’s the truth.

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